Teigngrace Village

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The village dates back to the Domesday Book ‘a certain Ralph de Brueria held the manor of Teigne’. Afterwards it was called Teign Brewer & later became Teigngrace.

Teigngrace twinned with Naiads, Dryads & Napaeads. (See Rivers campaign)

Naiads - A River or Spring Nymph, Dryads - A wood Nymph, Napaeads -  A Shy Valley Nymph

They were all the daughters of Zeus King of the gods. (According to Greek mythology, that is)

We are very excited to be developing this new resource for all of you with an interest in the village, its current events, its past history and its records.

This is a work in progress, so please be patient, and let us know if you have any suggestions for information, photos, record etc that we could include.

Last Updated 20th April, 2016


River Teign
Teigngrace Church 205
Teigngrace Village
Village School
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